What: Compete on the world stage in one or more of five exciting global tournaments designed for reeling in the biggest blue marlin on the planet in 2024.

How: By breaking down the geographic boundaries of traditional tournament fishing, the Fish The Moons series aims to attract the best billfish teams from around the world at the location and day of your choosing.

When: During every full moon, May through September, choose one of two available days. Select a single moon event to fish—or fish the whole Series—from any location in the world, it’s all up to you.


Capt. Pete Rae

”Fish the moons” has been idea of mine as much as a passion from the time I started fishing In Eastern North Carolina. Growing up watching Mark Sosin’s Saltwater Journal and Flip Pallot’s Walker’s Cay Chronicles while reading all the magazines, the moon has always been in my thoughts when planning trips, getting ready for tournaments, even fishing in the pond behind the house!

I have always known that the moon had a strong determination on success or not, whether recreational and commercial fishing. However, not until I was fortunate enough to start traveling to other popular marlin destinations around the world, did I learn the true power it possesses over our chances to catch big blue marlin.

blue marlin

Looking at the Blue Marlin World Cup, I determined July is not the best month for us East Coast fishermen to have a shot on the world stage. However, I do believe that during other months of the year the East Coast can be home of the largest blue marlin in the world. This scenario is true of other destinations during other months – thus the idea to create a 5-month series open to anyone.

After 20+ years of dreaming, and with the path paved by the World Cup concept, I believe the world is ready for more than just one day of world-wide competition. And so, this series was born!