2024 Available Fishing Days


May 22-23

Entry Deadline: May 20 by 6pm EST


Jun 20-21

Entry Deadline: Jun 18 by 6pm EST


Jul 20-21

Entry Deadline: Jul 18 by 6pm EST


Aug 18-19

Entry Deadline: Aug 16 by 6pm EST


Sep 16-17

Entry Deadline: Sep 13 by 6pm EST

The Fish the Moon Blue Marlin World Series will consist of five separate 2-day events, with each team choosing one of the two days to participate anywhere in the world.

Each event will have a winner-take-all purse for the team landing the heaviest blue marlin weighing 500 pounds or more.

There will also be an optional Series Calcutta for the largest two marlin weighed over the course of the five events.

Rules Document

Read the full rules and guidelines for the Fish the Moons series and events.